Open Standards-based NVMe over Fabrics Storage Platform

Unlock the advantages of disaggregated NVMe flash storage with the highest-performing NVMe over Fabrics solution on the market. EXTEN® HyperDynamic® (HD) storage software delivers the performance of local direct-attached storage (DAS) with the convenience, agility, and scale of fabric networking.

KEY FEATURES and advantages

Superior Performance

High-performance data path achieves bandwidths of over 60GB/s per node with less than one microsecond software overhead.

Leverage Open Industry Standards

Software Defined Storage (SDS) implementation built on a foundation of standards including NVMe-oFTM and a Redfish® and SwordfishTM compliant RESTful API.

Flexible Storage Hypervisor

Provides comprehensive storage management with the agility required for the most demanding data center environments.

No Proprietary Vendor Lock-in

EXTEN HD’s standards-based architecture eliminates the need to install and maintain proprietary client software.

Comprehensive Interoperability

Compatible with most standard fabrics and protocols, including TCP/IP, RoCE, iWARP, InfiniBand, and Omni-Path providing flexible options for investment protection.

Commodity Hardware

Fully compatible with third-party hardware including industry-standard x64, ARM and custom SoC-based platforms to optimize performance, capacity, and cost.

Innovative Management Architecture

The EXTEN shared-nothing architecture provides a resilient, highly available, and flexible management interface that includes lightweight micro-services, which offers simplicity of deployment, upgradability, and integrated platform enhancements. EXTEN also incorporates open-standard Redfish/Swordfish REST API that seamlessly integrates with partner stacks and end-user applications. And the EXTEN intuitive web GUI and CLI provide an elegant design with the user interface running in-box, alongside the data plane.

Product Tree

Flexible Storage Hypervisor with High performance Data Services

The EXTEN platform provides automatic volume provisioning for simple configuration management along with Class of Service for bandwidth control in a shared fabric. Additional features include high-performance and fault-tolerant RAID 0/1/5/6/10/50 storage configuration options, including striping, mirroring, and striping-with-distributed-parity along with high-availability dual-controller and dual-port, fail-over support with no single point of failure.

Commodity Hardware

The EXTEN HyperDynamic software runs on commodity hardware, including x64, ARM, and SoC-based platforms and integrates with industry leading management solutions and BMC controllers as well as with fabrics and NICs from Broadcom, Chelsio, Intel, Mellanox, and Solarflare.

Disaggregation with Maximum Application Agility

EXTEN HD software’s composable data paths allow system administrators to share storage resources in multiple locations across compute nodes using one or more of the following mechanisms: map individual compute nodes to individual NVMe drives (similar to a DAS system), allocate and assign volumes for compute nodes from a pool of drives with any RAID algorithm (similar to storage arrays), and add NVMe flash drives to Intel Rack Scale Design Pods to compose platforms dynamically using RSD-enabled EXTEN HD software.

Disaggregated storage provides the following benefits:


Dynamically adapt to meet future performance, capacity, and connectivity requirements with share-nothing architecture.


Allocate bandwidth, latency and IOPS to workloads as needed to meet performance service level objectives.


Allocate an unlimited number of SSDs to each database and application.


Elastically grow and shrink resource allocations on-demand to match dynamic requirements.

Minimum Platform Requirements

JBOF/NVMe Storage NVMe Server
Processor Soc Intel x86 or AMD x64, or ARM
NICs Embedded Broadcom, Chelsio, Mellanox, Solarflare

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