Second consecutive Best of Show win for EXTEN Technologies demonstrates the leadership position of its HyperDynamic® storage software

Santa Clara, CA, August 8, 2019 –EXTEN Technologies®, Inc. announced that its HyperDynamic NVMe over Fabrics high performance storage software won the Best of Show Business Application Award at the 2019 Flash Memory Summit (FMS) being held in Santa Clara.

One of the big challenges historically with software defined storage is ensuring seamless compatibility with a wide range of third-party hardware. To address this, EXTEN has developed an innovative microservices based management architecture that allows customers to easily integrate EXTEN software with a wide range of third-party storage hardware platforms. Each microservice can be easily tuned to a specific vendor architecture with integrated management tools under a standardized REST interface, allowing customers industry leading hardware flexibility. This makes EXTEN truly agnostic of vendor CPU(ARM, x86, SoC), and drive media, an approach that makes software defined storage practical and available immediately.

EXTEN HyperDynamic software’s low deployment friction, along with its industry leading performance and resiliency features, have attracted one of the top E-commerce companies in the world. This hyperscale level company deploys infrastructure at scale in multiple sites worldwide to support a leading e-commerce application with hundreds of millions of users. The use-case requires a resilient storage solution that can deliver high performance cost-effectively to support fast transactions at scale. A paramount requirement of this operating environment is that the software solution be able to easily work with a wide range of hardware BOMs to account for site to site variation as well as  provide flexibility to adopt different BOMs as hardware vendors innovate. EXTEN HyperDynamic software meets these demanding requirements.

“E-Commerce applications demand the highest level of performance in order to concurrently support hundreds of millions of users worldwide where response time is everything and the storage solution needs to delivers extreme transaction performance at global scale,” said Jay Kramer, Chairman of the Awards Program and President of Network Storage Advisors Inc. “We are proud to recognize the EXTEN HyperDynamicTM storage solution which can deploy 1,000’s of NVMe-oF software-defined storage nodes to meet the scale and speed of the most demanding application workloads.”

“We are honored to be recognized for the innovations we are delivering. Not only do we have the highest performance storage software offering in the world, but also the most practical for real world large-scale data center implementations,” said Craig Gilmore, CEO of EXTEN Technologies. “This is our second consecutive win of the best of show award at FMS, which demonstrates the momentum we have as leaders in NVME over fabrics.”

About EXTEN’s HyperDynamic Storage Software

EXTEN’s patent-pending HyperDynamic software disaggregates storage by moving non-volatile memory from traditional storage and server systems to fabric-attached storage appliances or JBOFs (just a bunch of flash) connected using low-latency and high-bandwidth NVMe over Fabrics. The HyperDynamic software runs on a flexible, commodity-based, hardware ecosystem, including industry standard Intel and AMD servers, as well as with custom SoC-based enclosures, and is compatible with a number of fabric protocols including TCP, RoCE, Infiniband and iWARP. These capabilities provide large data centers with the freedom to design highly-optimized solutions using commodity components from diverse manufacturers that balance cost and performance. Solutions based on HyperDynamic software are extensible using a RESTful API and custom microservices to facilitate the development of advanced data management and other capabilities.


EXTEN Technologies is a pioneer in NVMe over Fabrics software applications. The EXTEN HyperDynamic storage software solution is a fully compliant protocol implementation that provides the highest performance available with less than one microsecond of overhead latency to the most demanding data centers in the world. The EXTEN architecture is the first open standards NVMe solution with no proprietary hardware or software lock-in and includes Redfish® and Swordfish™ support in its REST API offering frictionless integration to both partners and end-users.

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