Austin, TX, August 1, 2019 –EXTEN Technologies®, Inc. announced the availability of the third generation of its award winning HyperDynamic® storage software that brings advanced levels of resiliency, performance and management to demanding data center customers across the globe. EXTEN software is perfect for the extreme levels of performance required by applications in analytics, machine learning, and high performance computing.

Resilience: EXTEN software is designed to meet mission critical storage needs. Version 3.0 further strengthens EXTEN’s industry leadership position with:

  • Node level resiliency with synchronous replicas
  • Shared volumes with replicas for supporting parallel file systems
  • Dual parity (RAID 6) resiliency
  • Integrated drive management and hot swap

EXTEN software is deployed on the storage target and requires no proprietary software on compute clients. This minimizes deployment friction, enhances security and ensures all client CPU performance is available for application compute needs. Resiliency is also implemented on the target side and requires no active involvement from clients, ensuring higher performance, better scalability and significantly lower TCO for end-users.

Performance: EXTEN software continues to provide the best price/performance for NVMe-oF in the industry with less than one microsecond of added latency and works across multiple fabric protocols including TCP, Infiniband and RoCE. Version 3.0 of EXTEN’s software further improves TCP performance with Solarflare® TCP acceleration that provides TCP performance near RDMA.

Management: EXTEN software continues to lead the industry in usability and ease-of-use. Release 3.0 contains additional features to further simplify NVMe-oF storage management and deployment. These include declustered RAID, which provides the ability to simply configure resilient volumes that use standard, Linux multi-path IO software to provide redundancy in both networking and storage.  Different RAID levels per volume allow flexible, optimized provisioning for separate use cases. EXTEN’s web user interface provides node and cluster level telemetry as well as the ability to easily set QoS limits to manage performance during drive or node rebuilds.

“EXTEN HyperDynamic software provides market leading performance without compromise,” said Craig Gilmore, CEO of EXTEN. “We have architected our NVMe over fabrics storage solution to align high-performance, low cost, and maximum resilience for the best cost/performance available. We are excited to release version 3.0 of our software which includes enhanced resilience at the speed of NVMe.”

“NVMe is becoming more widely deployed in the world’s largest data centers due to escalating performance requirements in this big data-centric era,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies Group at IDC.  “EXTEN Technologies gives their customers maximum choice in both storage hardware and NVMe over Fabrics host connection options with target-side only solutions that are simple and easy to deploy and maintain.”

“The demands of many data-driven organizations have already outpaced what’s possible with traditional storage architectures. NVMe is expected to offer a performance boost, but IT leaders need solutions that can also address the massive cost and scale of modern data storage environments,” says Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst for ESG.  “EXTEN’s efficient, software-based architecture, which is standards based and platform agnostic, changes the cost paradigm for low-latency storage.”

EXTEN is demonstrating and showcasing the latest version of its award-winning HyperDynamic storage software at the annual Flash Memory Summit (FMS) in Santa Clara, California from August 5-8, 2019. FMS attendees can learn more at EXTEN partner booths including Broadcom and AIC and at the Celestica showroom in the Tech Center adjacent to the convention.


About EXTEN’s HyperDynamic Storage Software

EXTEN’s patent-pending HyperDynamic software disaggregates storage by moving non-volatile memory from traditional storage and server systems to fabric-attached storage appliances or JBOFs (just a bunch of flash) connected using low-latency and high-bandwidth NVMe over Fabrics. The HyperDynamic software runs on a flexible, commodity-based, hardware ecosystem, including industry standard Intel and AMD servers, as well as with custom SoC-based enclosures, and is compatible with a number of fabric protocols including TCP, RoCE, Infiniband and iWARP. These capabilities provide large data centers with the freedom to design highly-optimized solutions using commodity components from diverse manufacturers that balance cost and performance. Solutions based on HyperDynamic software are extensible using a RESTful API and custom microservices to facilitate the development of advanced data management and other capabilities.


EXTEN Technologies is a pioneer in NVMe over Fabrics software applications. The EXTEN HyperDynamic storage software solution is a fully compliant protocol implementation that provides the highest performance available with less than one microsecond of overhead latency to the most demanding data centers in the world. The EXTEN architecture is the first open standards NVMe solution with no proprietary hardware or software lock-in and includes Redfish® and Swordfish™ support in its REST API offering frictionless integration to both partners and end-users.

Visit online to schedule a demonstration and learn more about how EXTEN HD software can solve your most pressing storage problems.