Taipei, Taiwan, May 23, 2019 – AIC and EXTEN™ Technologies have partnered to provide a complete NVMe-oF target solution using a cost-effective FBOF platform running Broadcom PS1100R Stingray™ 100G SmartNIC with EXTEN HyperDynamic Software. The AIC J2024-04 platform supports twice the PCIe bandwidth of a typical 2U server, allowing quad 100GbE networking with 24 NVMe drives. EXTEN HyperDynamic™ storage software provides record-breaking performance with advanced management, provisioning, and RAID data protection services.

“NVMe over Fabrics will reshape the datacenter landscape. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be a driver in these changes. AIC is proud to be one of the leading solution providers to offer a turnkey box to the leading data centers in the world,” said Michael Liang, CEO, AIC.

“Modern applications require modern storage,” said Craig Gilmore, CEO, EXTEN Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to enable ultra-high-performance resilient storage that meets the needs of the most demanding applications, and at a price point significantly below that of traditional storage solutions.”

“Data center and enterprise storage is undergoing a quantum change as scale out applications drive requirements towards disaggregated storage solutions,” said Dan Harding, vice president for the Compute and Connectivity Division at Broadcom. “Having production ready platforms like the AIC and EXTEN solution based on our Stingray 100G SmartNIC will enable rapid time to deployment.”

The highly-available AIC platform benefits from EXTEN’s native understanding of dual-ported drives and controller failover. Utilizing standard MPIO and Linux drivers, this solution provides a robust storage platform with fault tolerance at both the controller and drive level.

EXTEN’s award-winning software uses open-standards drivers and management frameworks to provide complete management of NVMe-oF clusters. This open standards based approach ensures there is never any vendor lock-in.

Storage Disaggregation

The AIC FBOF, with EXTEN HyperDynamic software installed, provides highly-available, serviceable, storage that is disaggregated from compute resources. This arrangement allows storage and compute to scale independently with no performance sacrifice. EXTEN HyperDynamic storage software allows datacenter architects to select multiple hardware platforms and fabrics while maintaining a consistent user experience and the highest possible datapath performance.

EXTEN HyperDynamic Software Features
  • Standards-Based Datacenters – EXTEN software is built on open standards, including NVMe-oF and a Redfish® and Swordfish™-compliant RESTful API that provides flexible storage provisioning with diverse interop among vendors.
  • Software-Defined NVMe-oF provides the ability to choose the hardware components and fabric appropriate for the task. EXTEN supports both RDMA and TCP in parallel for maximum flexibility.
  • EXTEN’s HyperDynamic Datapath Ensures No IOP is Left Behind – Share the storage capacity and bandwidth of the FBOF among multiple, standards-compliant initiators with no impact on performance.
  • Advanced Data Services – EXTEN software supports NVMe hot-plugging and drive-level redundancy with RAID for the AIC FBOF’s 24 hot-swappable, dual-ported drives.

Engineered as a highly-available storage platform, the AIC J2024-04 supports 24 hot-swappable, dual-ported NVMe drives and is managed by 4 hot-pluggablePS1100R Stingray controller cards.  This combination provides 64 PCIe lanes for networking and an additional 64 for storage, maintaining nearly 40GB/s of read or write performance. By utilizing Broadcom PS1100R Stingray controller cards, the FBOF provides an extraordinary performance-to-cost ratio.

  • Performance up to 6 times faster than SATA SSD, 3 times faster than SAS 12G SSD
  • Designed for low-latency and high-performance applications
  • PCIe interface to support NVMe over Fabrics (3rd party cards)


AIC will be exhibiting at Computex 2019 held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center in Taiwan from May 28 to June 1, 2019. Visit Booth L0832 to see AIC’s latest products that support workloads ranging from cloud data centers to 5G edge computing.


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